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Photos of the Incredible Chand Baori Well, India

Chand Baori is a famous stepwell situated in the village Abhaneri, a small town village located at a distance of 95 KMs from Jaipur, on Jaipur-Agra road in Rajasthan, India. This step well was built in 10th century. It is located opposite Harshat Mata Temple and is one of the deepest and largest step wells in […]

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Microsoft Site Makes Digital Photos into Panoramas

Digital cameras have liberated awe-struck travelers and proud parents from worrying about the price of film processing. But showing off those megapixels of memories is still reminiscent of tedious living room slideshows — and perhaps now worse, because instead of one blurry photo of the Eiffel Tower or the high school musical, there might be […]

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Cute and Naughty Babies

Babies grow up quickly; its important to capture the happiness and beauty of your child as she grows from day to day. People love to capture their babies lovely moments and always willing to share these pictures with their friends & family members. If you fire a search by your favorite search engine regarding babies, […]