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Easy to implement techniques on How to Secure your Home PC from Bad Guys

The Internet may contain dangers for the ordinary and innocent computer user. Without proper security measures, your PC and data saved in your PC is in danger every moment of your system is connected to the internet. In order to protect your Home PC, these steps are necessary to follow:

  1. Use of Strong Password
  2. Use of reliable Antivirus and Anti Spyware software
  3. Update your Operating System and installed software
  4. Use of Firewall
  5. Backup your Important Data
  6. Take extra care of Email Attachments

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Use of Strong Password

If you are using weak or no password, your computer can be hacked very easily. Your password should be unique for each of your account.  In order to safeguard your home PC and all of your accounts, keep following in mind while choosing Strong Password:

  • It should be unique to each account.
  • It must be at least 8 characters long.
  • It should be alphanumeric and contain special character(s).
  • In order to remember your Strong Password, you may use mnemonic technique.
  • You must change your password after a specific period of time.

Use of reliable Antivirus and Anti Spyware Program

If you are not using any Antivirus or Anti Spyware program then your PC is very much in danger to be infected with Virus or Malware. Check this How to Understand Antivirus Software guide for detailed information.

Update your Operating System and installed software

Operating System and other software maker release patches and updated version of their software continuously. You must update or install patches or latest version when they released. Otherwise Intruders and hackers can take advantage of the vulnerabilities present in installed software.

Use of Firewall

Software Firewall can add an extra layer of security between your Home PC and the intruders seeking unsecured and weak internet connected PCs. Firewall is a software that will block unwanted access to your PC from outside.

Encrypt and Backup your Important Data

As you kept your valuables in a locked cabinet in your home, you must keep your important data in encrypted format. You should also take regular and secured backup of your important data. This practice will help you in case if you lost your data available on your PC.

Take extra care of Email Attachments

Email Attachments may always be dangerous, so take extra care of it. If you are not sure about any email and/or contained attachment, you should avoid opening that email/attachment. Its also keep in mind that if you got email/attachment from your friend or colleague and you are not expecting it or you have some doubt, do not open it.

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