Google Chrome is now available for download and many users have already started using it. Google provides Chrome as an online installer, means you have to connect to the internet until installation is finished.

If you are unable to download it due to online installer or any other reason, here is the answer. You may download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer from Google Server. It is only 21 MB.

So, whats the benefit?

You don’t need to have internet connection every time you want to install Google Chrome. :) Download once, save it to your software repository and use this installer whenever you need to install Chrome. You may also give this installer to someone who want to use this browser but not allowed to download executable files.

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Kashif on January 16th, 2011

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to gain new customers, sell more and build your brand?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and targeted ways to reach existing and potential customers. It is immediate, flexible and creative – allowing you to build your brand and develop focused campaigns without reams of expensive print. It is totally measurable so you can assess how far your marketing budget is going.

Think about email marketing services. Email marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of direct response marketing and can generate twice the response of traditional direct mail, helping you reach some of the 63 per cent of UK adults active online. Do not think spam. Good permission-based email marketing is a world away from unsolicited junk; cost-effective, quick to produce and measurable. But do not use it as a cheap way to bombard thousands of people with the same message. It should integrate with the rest of your marketing plan and have clear objectives.

Do you want to think a bit more? Then follow these steps:

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The Internet may contain dangers for the ordinary and innocent computer user. Without proper security measures, your PC and data saved in your PC is in danger every moment of your system is connected to the internet. In order to protect your Home PC, these steps are necessary to follow:

  1. Use of Strong Password
  2. Use of reliable Antivirus and Anti Spyware software
  3. Update your Operating System and installed software
  4. Use of Firewall
  5. Backup your Important Data
  6. Take extra care of Email Attachments

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The UK based website is offering full commercial $25 version of BitDefender Anti-Virus 2010 for free for a whole day. This offer will start from mid of August 13, 2010 CE Standard Time and valid till mid of August 14, 2010 CE Standard Time.

Here is the excerpt produced from their site:

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Kashif on October 24th, 2009

Paying the Minimum on High-Interest Credit Cards

Many consumers with a large balance on a high-interest credit card are only paying the monthly minimum. In fact, the minimum on some cards barely covers the cost of interest so depending on the balance amount, you may be paying interest only and years from completely paying off the balance. Pay the maximum monthly payment you can afford, not just the minimum monthly you are allowed to.

Missing a Credit Card Payment

Missing a credit card payment is always bad news but especially when it comes to balance transfer cards offered at zero percent. The card issuer usually has the right to revoke the deal the date you miss the payment and most likely will raise the APR to 15 percent or higher. If you’re prone to forgetfulness, setup an automatic direct debit payment to ensure you never miss a payment. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kashif on October 22nd, 2009

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification is awarded by Microsoft. This certification will help the professionals in getting adequate knowledge as well as skills that are required for the working and administrating Microsoft Server 2000 as well as Microsoft Server 2003 platforms. Hence professionals who wish to change their better career path, MCSA certification will assure them in changing their career. All Information Technology professionals will not deploy new systems as well as networks as their job function is as expected with the MSCE certification. This certification does not require designing skills required like the MCSE certification. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kashif on October 20th, 2009

This is one of the amazing offer, you will definitely love it. Get your licensed copy of KasperSky Internet Security 2010 at no cost.

KasperSky is the well renowned security company, offering multiple security products for Home, Business and Enterprise users. Their Antivirus and Internet Security programs are considered as the Best and Fastest growing Internet Security Software todays.

They are used to offer their security products free of cost in the past. And they maintain their habit by offering latest version of KasperSky Internet Security.

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Kashif on September 20th, 2009 is offering 1 year ($35 value) domain name without charging you any bucks. After 1 year, you may transfer this domain to some cheaper registrar like NamecheapGodaddy or Netfirms or leave it to expire. It is always safe to turn off Automatic Safe Renew if you already plan that you will not renew this domain with

How will you register free domain with Here are the 2 links to grab this offer:

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Kashif on April 1st, 2009

If you are a newbie and want to start your online presence or you are an experienced daily Domainer, here is a great chance for both of you. Normally, GoDaddy and many other registrars sale .Com domain for $8 to $35 but now it is available really cheap.

Yesterday I just stumbled upon a tweet by @DanSanchez, telling domain registration at discounted rate by using GoDaddy coupon code for .Com domains. He  registerd for $2.19 with this code. You can also register any available .Com domain by using following coupn code:

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Kashif on March 21st, 2009

When using the internet you surely have come across a website using a country code domain name – or .cctld as they are also known. While .com domain names still dominate the internet and most large corporations use them for their flagship websites, increasingly some are using country code domain names for targeting local consumer markets.

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This is a sequel of Holiday Celebration Special Offer -12 Days of Domain Names. The celebration has already started and Day 1 gift is available to claim. Today you can register your favorite .US domain(s) for only $6.99, if it is available.

Each day’s promotion lasts for 24 hours, so logon to their site and grab yours .US names. There is no restriction how many numbers you can register, so invest now and register as many names as you can.

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