Country Code Domains

When using the internet you surely have come across a website using a country code domain name – or .cctld as they are also known. While .com domain names still dominate the internet and most large corporations use them for their flagship websites, increasingly some are using country code domain names for targeting local consumer markets.

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There are many reasons why you should also consider using a country code domain name for your personal or business website. If doing business or are publishing content for a localized market a country code domain name makes perfect sense. They can also be acquired as fresh registrations or bought via the domain name aftermarket for prices often far cheaper than their .com counterparts.

The most widely used cctld’s include .de for Germany, .ca for Canada, .pk for Pakistan,  .in for India and for the United Kingdom. Some others like .me for Montenegro are used as vanity or domain hacks. All together country code domains are a growing presence on the internet.

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  1. Country domain name is not bad idea. but site from small countries and relating the product which is not specifically popular in your region is not better at all.

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